Outcome Based Engagement Model

For the Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)

Assess Present State

Five business functions/components – Product, People, Production, Promotions & Profits – are assessed to find answers to key questions. Our team analyzes the data and frames the present state of the business including strategic gaps at ‘No-Charge’. It does not include the detailed vertical assessment of each of the functions.

Develop Detailed Strategy

The team develops a high-level strategy to address the gaps especially within the present state and the gaps to move to a future state. At ‘No-Charge’ the strategy is presented. If the Client likes the strategy and wanted to engage DelMore then a detail strategy with vertical assessment; the future state & an execution plan is developed on a chargeable basis.

Execute To Fruition

The SMB can exercise three options – a) Adjust the ‘No-Charge’ strategy & execute it by themselves; b) Adjust the ‘No-Charge’ strategy & hire DelMore as-needed assistance to execute the plan.  OR c) Hire DelMore to develop a detail strategy, an execution plan and execute to fruition. Option C is preferred by SMBs as it doesn’t require hiring and/or reallocation of resources.

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